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Simple geometry and forms, post-industrial landscapes and subtle color perception of the world are the key factors that influenced the formation of the vision and worldview of the designer Evhenii Litvinenko.  Bold creative thinking always tries to find a solution and its own vision, interpretation of the surrounding world. The process of stylization and simplification always leads to an interesting result. While experimenting, by simplifying the forms, really interesting things can appear, inspire and direct thoughts beyond the boundaries of the material world...  


A collection of furniture and decor that includes experiments and play with simple natural materials and design techniques. The project involves both industrial production and the best craft techniques of local craftsmen: the traditions of carpentry (dovetail), ceramics on the pottery wheel, work with brass and metal, forged elements...

All this gives the products uniqueness and great aesthetic value, high vibrations which you can only feel…  Sophisticated forms, interesting solutions and skillful execution give a new vision of a modern interior. The use of clean and tactile materials translates into a timeless design.

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